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Randonautica #4

Yesterday, I read a story that identified the Randonaut community’s “official mascot” as a white owl and “the true symbol of the project” as “a piss bottle.”  The story linked above explains the mascot and symbol. (My remaining question is: How was it determined that the bottle contained piss?)

Later, I went Randonauting. It was a gray and drizzly day, unseasonably cool and clammy. Very few people were out and about. I set my first quantum to “Attractor” and my intention to “Mystery.” I was led here:

“The Grove” is one of any number of upscale residential complexes going up around central Durham.

The actual QRNG coordinates were a few feet behind and to the right of the two portable toilets. I had to pee, so I used one of the toilets. Perhaps it was a really big piss bottle, in one sense: Continue reading Randonautica #4