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Randonautica #9

The intention today was “Reset”/”Renew,” that general idea. I set the first quantum to “Anomaly” and was sent here:

The protesters lost the case, first in municipal and then state court. The subsequent sit-in at a Greensboro Woolworth’s on February 1, 1960, which did much to spark activism around the South, has historically received much more attention than this one in Durham did, including a documentary film. The Royal Ice Cream sit-in in Durham took place more than two and a half years before the one in Greensboro, during a period in which, as the film’s opening interviewee puts it, “from the [1956] bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama, until February 1, 1960, virtually nothing happened in the arena of civil rights. It was absolutely dead. Even Martin Luther King said that.” Continue reading Randonautica #9