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Randonautica #6

I’ve been reading Raoul Vaniegem’s Revolution of Everyday Life. The English title is completely different from the French original, which translates to something like Treatise on Good Manners for Young People. Vaniegem was a key player in the Situtationist International movement. The book was published the same year (1967) as Guy Debord’s much more famous Society of the Spectacle. Although it’s comparatively lesser known, I prefer Vaneigem’s book to Debord’s. It’s more impassioned.

One of Vaniegem’s central ideas is that real “revolution” comes when every individual lays claim to personal independence and desire — “each for all.” I chose “Individual” as my intention yesterday, with “Nonconformity” as an echo. The first Randonaut destination was right in the middle of one of downtown’s busiest streets:

On the east side of the street are a couple of restaurants. When I left the house to go randonauting, I was feeling irked by some exasperating commentary about restaurants that I had just read.

On the way to the next destination (using “Attractor,” I think) I passed this convertible car parked on the street with its top down: Continue reading Randonautica #6

Two Limericks on the Occasion of the Durham Bulls’ Bus Breaking Down Seven Times

There once was a bus to Pawtucket.
Went tits-up so much, you could suck it.
This fate illustrates
Union gaps between Yates
And Hall-of-Fame Kirbys like Puckett.

You’ve heard, “If it moves, then you fuck it”?
If the bus won’t? This carrier can suck it.
Don’t grumble. #playbetter
AAA’s not just letters,
It’s the diff between Boston &¬†Pawtucket.