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Randonautica #5

Presley Media is, according to its website, “currently casting for upcoming reality series, Ready or Randonaut, which helps real people embrace the true randomness of a mysterious new technology to solve real-life questions and explore interesting locales across America.”

Yesterday I watched the pilot episode. I noticed that each of the three Randonauts (one of whom was the CEO of Presley Media) set an intention and maintained it throughout the session, in which each Randonaut used the app three times to visit three different locations. Keeping to a single intention seemed to help each of them discover more about themselves and have a possibly deeper experience. So I decided to try that.

I set my intention on the word “box” with the specific idea of opening it. I chose Attractor (I think) and was sent to the Durham Crisis Response Center, which is housed in a handsome old Neoclassical Revival-style building that dates to around 1909.

The Center provides “support services for those in need of help in the aftermath of domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking and family violence.”

One of the concepts of Randonautica is the so-called “Despair Meme,” which “is best identified while randonauting as a general sense of fear or skepticism towards continuing your randonaut adventure.” I felt no fear or skepticism but was aware that I had not been in a good mood all day. (It was about 5:00 p.m. when I went Randonauting.) Later, I wondered if my mood was connected to being sent to the Crisis Center.

It appeared to be operating with reduced staffing and access:

The actual coordinates plotted by the app were near the bird feeders in the driveway to the right of the building. A lot of pigeons flew away at the first sign of my approach. It’s hard to see in the photo, but the main user of the blue bird feeder was actually a squirrel: Continue reading Randonautica #5